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10 Useful Tips for raising Muslim Children in Saudi Arabia

10 Useful Tips for raising Muslim Children in Saudi Arabia

Raising a baby is undeniably a good responsibility. the fogeys ought to raise their kids in an exceedingly methodthat they end up to be sensible personalities. the longer term of the kid would simply depend on their upbringing. the fogeys shall have special thought whereas raising their kids.

The parents shall be to blame for their conduct once they become adults. The Muslim oldsters ought to check thatthat their kids ar raised per Islam which they'd become sensible Muslims in future. 

Here ar 10 tips which each and every parent and parent-to-be shall bear and observe so as to lift well behaved and well-mannered kids.

1-Praise the child: once kids do one thing wrong, we frequently get angry and answer it. Why not respond once they do one thing good?

Try to appreciate your child’s work. try and praise them before of others. this could facilitate in building their confidence. Praise your child’s sensible habits, marks, and alternative activities.


2-Say no to the comparison: ne'er compare your kid to others. ne'er allow them to feel that they're inferior or useless.

The comparison can cause building complexes. Avoid examination kids with their siblings: they're going to beginto possess a sense of annoyance and even emotion for his or her own siblings.

3-Let them play: kids ought to play. Let your kid play: spare a time for them to play. Don’t abandon them from taking part in as a result of build|they create} noise or make home a touch untidy.

Let them, they're kids and that they shall play. taking part in permits them to determine characteristics likecooperation and creative thinking and facilitate them to become physically robust.

4-Ask their opinion: continuously involve your kid in decision-making processes. Take their opinion and respect it. Don’t make fun of their opinion nor create a joke out of it because it would shatter their confidence.

5-Let them raise a question: Not discourage the queries asked by the kid. continuously welcome their quires and facilitate them perceive. it's their age of learning. allow them to learn.

6-Fulfill your promise: try and create a promise that you just will fulfill and abide by it. ne'er create a promise that'sinsufferable for you to satisfy. It causes negative impacts on the child: he won’t trust you nor can get into a habit of keeping to his words.

7-Help them once they want it: If a baby faces a failure, don’t blame him/her. try and build their confidence. provide them hope that they will succeed. facilitate them to become stronger and face challenges. allow them toget on my feet once they fall.

8-Speak in a well mannered way together with your|along with your}|along with your} kid: Don’t use harsh words with your kid and continuously create use of words like “thank you” and “please” with your child. Say them “sorry” after you have done one thing wrong.

9-Let them become sensible Muslims: Abide by your prayers and create them do therefore. create them learn the faith through your acts and deeds. kids ar fast learners and their biggest supply of learning is their own parents: be an honest Muslim to form them one.

10-Love them: Love your kid, spare a time for them. continuously tell them however necessary they're to you. continuously check that you specific your feelings towards them. Tell them they're really a present for you.