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Ten things Saudi women still cannot do 

Ten things Saudi women still cannot do 

Women in Saudi Arabia can at last drive. Beginning yesterday, a longstanding prohibition on ladies driving was lifted. It was a memorable minute for Saudi ladies who show been helpless before their spouses, fathers, siblings and drivers for transportation. In any case, being permitted to drive is only something Saudi ladies have been permitted to do; there's an entire host of things despite everything they can't. Here's a rundown of 10 things, among many, that Saudi ladies still can't do: 


1. Saudi ladies can't wed or divorce, without consent from their guardians. 

2. They can't associate with guys outside their close family and can be detained for such an 'offense'. 

3. Ladies in the Islamic nation can't eat at eateries that don't have a different family segment. 

4. They should wear an 'abaya' (a head-to-toe shroud) and cloak in open spots. In any case, in Riyadh, a few ladies have begun demonstrating their countenances. 

5. Islamic limitation keeps Muslim ladies from wedding non-Muslims, which is to be carefully clung to in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Sunni ladies can't wed a Shia man or a socialist (skeptic). 

6. Saudi ladies can't lead certain organizations, need no less than two men who can vouch for their character before they can be allowed a credit or a permit. 

7. In the event of separation, Saudi ladies can't hold authority of their youngsters after they achieve the age of seven for young men and nine for young ladies. 

8. They can't get a reasonable hearing in court, where 'the declaration of one man breaks even with that of two ladies.' The lawful position in Saudi Arabia of a lady is equivalent to that of a minor, and subsequently she has little expert over her own life. 

9. Saudi ladies can't get an equivalent legacy. Under Sharia legacy laws, little girls get half what is granted to their siblings. 

10. They can't get an identification, travel, open a financial balance or have a medicinal system without authorization from their male gatekeepers.