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Where We Are Going Today: Ice Colors

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The parlor sells iced drinks, called “Freezies,” with over 15 flavors to choose from.

For fans of tropical fruits and low-fat products, there is an ice cream parlor in Jeddah just for you.
Ice Colors is considered to be one of the healthiest ice cream makers in the Kingdom. A Saudi-owned and run local brand, it was launched in 2018 and has two branches in the city, on Quraish Road and on the Jeddah Waterfront. 
The concept is to offer full flavor and color using only natural products. There are 22 available, including pineapple, mango, coconut and melon.
The multiple stages of creating the ice cream, from preparing and juicing fruit to the finished article, are performed in front of customers in the parlor.

Their best selling signature orders are Pineapple Ghazlino and Mango Minalo, served with whole chunks of fruit and in hollowed out pineapple and mango husks.
The most attractive thing about the natural process and ingredients is that the products Ice Colors sells are healthy, and low in calories. The parlor also sells iced drinks, called “Freezies,” with over 15 flavors to choose from. The prices vary from SR5 to SR25 per order ($1.30 to $6.60).


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