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Executive Regulations for special iqama within 90 days

Executive Regulations for special iqama within 90 days

The Special Privilege Iqama Center will finish setting up the Executive Regulations of the Special Privilege Iqama Law, affirmed by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, inside 90 days, making ready for issuance of the unique iqama. 

The Center, which is the elite skillful body to control and oversee everything identified with the new iqama, appreciates money related and authoritative freedom, and will be under the supervision of a clerical advisory group, the Saudi Press Agency announced. 

The middle will declare thus the subtleties identified with the Executive Regulations, and the system of submitting applications and other significant issues. 


The Executive Regulations incorporate every one of the terms and conditions and methodology for outsiders, incorporating those dwelling in the Kingdom or those originating from outside, to acquire the iqama, just as the benefits for the two kinds of iqamas; one for a boundless period and the other for one-year legitimacy with subject to restoration.