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SR60,000 fees ceiling set for international schools

SR60,000 fees ceiling set for international schools

The Ministry of Education has chosen that the most astounding educational cost for worldwide schools ought not surpass SR60,000, as per nearby Arabic every day Al-Watan on Monday. 

The service said the most astounding charges of the kindergartens ought not go past SR45,000 while the educational cost expense in non-public schools ought not surpass SR40,000. 

The service said there are 38,368 government and tuition-based schools in the Kingdom being gone to by 6,230,108 male and female understudies. 

It said there are 6,144 tuition based schools being gone to by 1,015,494 understudies and contributing about 16.1 percent during the time spent training in the Kingdom. 


The service expected the quantity of understudies in tuition based schools to be in excess of a million continuously 2020 and said upwards of 2,621 new non-public schools will open till that year. 

As indicated by the service, there are 267,270 young men and young ladies in the kindergartens, 2,895,942 in basic, 1,329,538 in middle of the road and 1,266,548 in auxiliary schools. 

The service said there 29,552 young men and young ladies in a specialized curriculum schools and 378,358 in colleges and high universities. 

It said the expenses in the kindergartens begin from SR12,000 and go up to a most extreme roof of SR45,000 while in the tuition based schools they go somewhere in the range of SR15,000 and SR40,000. 

The service said educational cost charges in universal schools begin from SR35,000 and go up to a limit of SR60,000.