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7-day-old baby abandoned at Sharjah mosque

7-day-old baby abandoned at Sharjah mosque

A seven-day-old child was discovered deserted inside a mosque in Sharjah. The mosque's Imam found the young lady enveloped with garments minutes before the require the day break petition on Tuesday. 

The Imam promptly called the police, who touched base at the mosque in the Nazawi territory and hurried the child young lady to Al Dhaid Hospital. As indicated by the police, the infant is in a decent wellbeing condition. 

"The medical clinic group will deal with her for seven days before giving her over to the Child Protection Center partnered to the Sharjah Social Services," a police authority said. "We have propelled an examination to follow her folks." 


This is the second infant to have been deserted in a mosque in Sharjah this year. A three-day-old child was discovered relinquished in a mosque in Al Shawkah region, on the Sharjah-Ras Al Khaimah fringe. The infant kid was enclosed by garments and left inside a crate. 

In spite of the fact that the quantity of such cases have declined throughout the years, they are as yet revealed as guardians attempt to stay away from the lawful repercussions of having children without any father present.