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Jobs in Saudi Arabia could reach 3mln by 2030 - minister

 Saudi Arabian women, seeking a job, talk with a recruiter during a job fair in Riyadh January 25, 2012.

RIYADH — Minister of Labor and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi said that the number of job opportunities is expected to reach three million by 2030.
“The ministry has established a government company titled “Future Labor,” under the umbrella of the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), which aims to spur employment opportunities in future,” he said while noting that the Kingdom is the largest market for job opportunities in future.

Addressing the 10th Social Dialogue Forum organized by the Ministry of Labor in Riyadh on Wednesday, Al-Rajhi stressed that the future of self-employment is going through many stages and developments, and is closely linked to the technological revolution, which requires the rehabilitation of many of the current workforce and investment in developing the future talent.

Al-Rajhi announced that the goal is to increase the efficiency of the labor market and investment in human capabilities.

"This can be achieved among others through talent management and development, and ways to create human resources. The companies need to proactively rebuild their workforce and consider skills and manpower as an investment."

Asked about the technological revolution and artificial intelligence, the minister pointed out that automating jobs does not necessarily mean high unemployment rate.

The minister said that the three parties of production, including the ministry and government agencies; employers and workers are striving to qualify the workforce to keep pace with the future labor and technological progress.

“The ministry aimed to organize the forum to discuss labor issues and develop its mechanisms and the sustainability of its incentive programs by posing challenges and solutions.

“It also targets enabling the principle of community partnership to deliberate constructive dialogue between the three working parties, leading to a deliberate program of work and a clear vision for the future labor in the Kingdom.”

The Forum, titled “The future of labor in the Kingdom,” discussed talent management and development, as well as rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

Representatives of various government agencies, as well as that of employers and workers and a number of specialists and consultants attended the forum.

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