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Pakistan govt launches E-Visa travel system for Omanis

Pakistan govt launches E-Visa travel system for Omanis

Omani nationals making a trip to Pakistan will currently have the option to get visas on landing. 

As of now basically since May 2019, guests would now be able to acquire visas by getting to Explorers will be relied upon to print, or save money on their handheld gadgets, the 'Electronic Travel Authorisation' (ETA), preceding flight. 

There are four visa classes – visit/vacationer, family, work/business, and travel – which an Omani native can apply for. The expense for single section in the class of visit/visitor visa is OMR10. The expense for 'family visa' under single section is OMR10 and OMR15 for multi passage (one year) and OMR20 for numerous section (two to five years). 


Work/business visa for single passage can be acquired for OMR39; OMR58 for various section (one year) and OMR77 for numerous section (two to five years). Travel visa for single passage is OMR5. 

For any further clearness or inquiry, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Oman can likewise be come to at 

Prior this year, the administration of Pakistan declared that residents of 175 nations around the globe will before long have the option to apply for e-visas to visit Pakistan while 50 nations will be qualified for visas on entry. Amid a visit to Oman by Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, in January 2019, he guaranteed that Oman will be one of the nations to get visas on landing. 

Talking only to Times of Oman amid his visit, Qureshi stated: "Oman is high on the classification. Among the 50 nations that will get visa on entry, Oman is one of them." 

He included that the work 'visa on entry' was in advancement, and will be executed soon. 

Out of appreciation for the Foreign Minister, an intelligent gathering was likewise facilitated by Ali Javed, Ambassador of Pakistan in Oman, at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex where in excess of 1000 network individuals assembled. Conversing with the individuals and Omani natives, Qureshi stated: "Oman will be among seven such countries qualified for Multiple Entry Visas on Arrival. This single measure characterizes the profundity our relations."