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Pakistan to issue five-year visas to Americans

Pakistan to issue five-year visas to Americans

Pakistan has chosen to issue five-year, different passage visas to US nationals, despite the fact that the American government has changed its arrangement of issuing five-year visas to Pakistanis, the media provided details regarding Monday. 

In a note sent a month ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, exhorted Pakistani political missions in the US to pursue the new approach while issuing visas to American nationals, reports Dawn news. 

The Ministry initially passed on this change to the US Embassy in Islamabad on May 10 while reacting to an inquiry with respect to the length of visit/traveler visas for US nationals. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs "has the pleasure to express that the legislature of Pakistan, in accordance with its approach to energize the travel industry, has permitted allowing of various section visas to US nationals for as long as five years with a most extreme remain of a quarter of a year", the note said. 


The US had since a long time ago requested this adjustment in Pakistan's visa strategy and as of late changed its own approach when Islamabad did not react. 

The Americans used to issue five-year, various passage vacationer and visit visas to Pakistani nationals. Now and again, experts, for example, writers, were additionally issued five-year various visas. 

Consequently, the Americans requested comparative offices for their nationals. 

However at this point the US is just issuing three-month visas to most Pakistanis and furthermore has implemented new limitations on authority visas. 

In April, the US added Pakistan to a rundown of 10 countries endorsed for declining to reclaim deportees and visa overstayers, Dawn news announced. 

The new confinement bars a few authorities of the Interior Ministry from accepting US visas.