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Five Reasons Why You Should Include Lemons In Your Diet

2 days   ago 54

Lemons contain vitamin C, fiber and other nutrients that have been found to protect and support systemic functioning. Listed below are just five of the health benefits you can expect just by adding whole lemons to your diet. Lower Your Risk Of

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COVID-19 Not-to-do list

1 month ago 110
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Coronavirus is giving Mount Everest a much needed break

1 month ago 167

For the second time in five years, the snowy slopes of Everest will lie empty and silent. On 11 March, China suspended all climbing expeditions from the Tibetan side due to the coronavirus pandemic. Neighbouring Nepal supported the decision and

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Fantastic Facts

Facts that one should know About Coronavirus

3 months   ago 587

Find Facts about the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, and how World Vision is responding. Is the coronavirus dangerous? This coronavirus is from a family of viruses that include the common cold, as well as more dangerous viruses such

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20 Interesting Saudi Arabia Facts

10 months   ago 382
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Subol Program Benefits around 12,000 Saudis during the Time

1 month ago 99

The Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf" has stated that the number of beneficiaries of services and interactive programs being provided by the Electronic Career Education and Development Portal "Subol" has reached a total of

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2 months   ago 345

Are you also among the ones who plan to survive this 21-day lockdown on Maggi noodles? Well, we feel you! The instant 2-minute noodles (it's never ready in 2 minutes though) have been a saviour for many of us and have calmed our hunger pangs.

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Spending 24 hours without internet: Is it worth it or not?

3 weeks   ago 93

Being a millennial, my first reaction to this assignment was one of skepticism. I, like most people I know, rely on the internet for almost everything, and the idea of functioning without it for a whole day did not thrill me. Just take Google:

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