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8 Interesting Facts about the Quran Gateway to Makkah

8 Interesting Facts about the Quran Gateway to Makkah

6 months   ago  /  857

Most of you must have visited Saudi Arabia for Umrah, Hajj or any other purpose once in your lifetime. After landing at the Jeddah airport, you need to take a ride to enter Makkah. You must have noticed a huge Quran gateway entrance before entering Makkah. Those who have not visited the place let me tell you about this beautiful gateway to Makkah.

It is a beautiful gateway and almost all the Muslim residents of Saudi Arabia has seen it.

  • It is known as the Quran Gateway.
  • It is located in Makkah on the Jeddah Makkah Highway and is 27Km away from Masjid-ul-Haram. You can easily notice the structure while entering the premises of Makkah from West.
  • The gateway was designed by an Egyptian architect, Samir Elabd in 1979.
  • The structure is a huge open Holy Quran kept on a Quran stand.
  • The structure is so huge that it covers eight lanes of traffic including a center highway divider.
  • The sides of the stand have a beautiful blue and green glass windows attached to the walls.
  • Only Muslims are allowed to enter the Holy cities of Madinah and Makkah.
  • This is not only an impressive structure from the point of view of tourism but in fact, soothes eyes of all Muslims when one enters the Holy City.

 /  Source: masjidalharammakkah