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Kingdom Centre Tower

Kingdom Centre Tower

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The Kingdom Centre symbolises Saudi Arabia’s important economic and cultural growth over the past few years. It is an ambitious project that represents a country that is working to reduce its reliance on oil to become a hub for trade, finance, tourism and culture.

It was designed to house the Kingdom Holding head office, the luxury “Four Seasons Hotel”, offices and residential apartments, a shopping centre, a conference centre, a sports centre with a swimming pool and tennis courts, open-air and underground parking.


The complex consists of a 30-storey central tower, topped by a 120 m crescent-shaped steel structure, and two adjoining side buildings. The 300 m high tower is the tallest construction of its type in the Middle East and in Europe. It has transformed the skyline of Riyadh. At its 77th floor is located the world's highest mosque.

Since its completion, the centre has won international awards like the Emporis Skyscraper Award for being the "world's best designed skyscraper".