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The Date Souq in Riyadh – a must visit place

The Date Souq in Riyadh – a must visit place

The extremely acclaimed Riyadh foods grown from the ground advertise which is otherwise called the date or fruit souk is situated off leave 14 and is said to be the best market for dates ever! 

Any individual who is a date darling should visit this place and for any individual who isn't an aficionado of dates, I guarantee you, you will go insane for dates once you visit the souk. An expansive products of the soil commercial center is likewise situated next to the dates called souk or rabwa. 

It is best to visit the souk at late spring since that is when dates begin to ready and new dates are accessible at that point. The souk opens around 9 am so it is smarter to go when it opens. 


Dates are stuffed loaded with wellbeing and nourishment, so much that their advantages are even referenced in the Quran. 

The most costly dates are called Ajwa dates which originate from the Madina and are said to have a great deal of advantages, for example, a solution for diabetes and huge amounts of other diseases. They are delicate and wealthy in fiber and help in detoxing the body. 


Dates mature in four phases which are named as Kimri for example unripe and green, Khlal for example full size, crunchy and yellow, Rutab for example ready and delicate and Tamr for example ready, dim and sun-dried. 

There are huge amounts of assortments of dates accessible here so for an amateur, it will be too befuddling and energizing to investigate this market and since these dates are for the most part sold by the kilo or a full box, the venders are sufficiently pleasant to give you a little segment of those dates upon demand. 

By purchasing little parts, you get the opportunity to taste a variety of assortments of dates. All dates have diverse purposes for example some are utilized to make syrups though the others are utilized to fix infections or just eaten for their stunning taste. 

Rutab dates are the ones that are diverted yellow from green and are somewhat acrid. A great many people like those though some favor the plain sweet ones. Dates are not accessible in various hues just but rather additionally lack of concern of sizes, surface, sweetness, and readiness. 

Purchasers can test the immense assortment of dates accessible and a few dealers are sufficiently decent to offer Arabic espresso with it, as well.  A couple of tips on the most proficient method to solidify your dates: 

  • Flush and dry them before solidifying. 
  • Utilize a plastic holder that is water/air proof. 
  • A wide range of dates can be solidified! 
  • Delicate and half delicate sort of dates can be eaten without defrosting. 

Headings: GPS arranges: 24.695271, 46.779406 that is the North access to a long building which runs North/South.