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VIDEO: Mecca's holy Kaaba cleaning - Here's how it's done

VIDEO: Mecca's holy Kaaba cleaning - Here's how it's done

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The ceremony is a piece of the tradition set by Prophet Muhammad.

Dignitaries clean within dividers of the Kaaba using materials dipped in Zamzam water blended with Oud fragrance, which are then used to wash the inside walls.


Arrangements for the washing begin multi day before the concurred date, with the mixing of Zamzam water with Tayef rose, oud and different lavish scents.

Towels were utilized to wipe the dividers of the Kaaba, and after the visitors leave its corridor, its floor secured with washed marble, will be processed.

The interior walls are washed down with a white fabric dunked in rose, and musk perfumes. Zamzam water blended with rose perfume is sprinkled on the floor and was wiped with uncovered hands and palm leaves. 

For the most part, the whole procedure is finished in two hours.

The inside dividers of the Kaaba are three meters in length and the inward surface of the roof is covered with green silk.