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10 Facts about the Green Dome of Masjid al Nabawi

10 Facts about the Green Dome of Masjid al Nabawi

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The very famous Green Dome of Masjid al Nabawi is one of the structures that possess a great history. Going through the facts connected with the Green Dome that shines above the Prophet’s PBUH blessed grave is actually very interesting.

The Green Dome was built in the 7th Century A.H

The dome that is constructed above the Prophet’s grave was neither built on the will of Prophet nor by Sahaba, Taabi’een, followers of Taabi’een, scholars or Imams. It was in fact built in 7th century A.H.

The Sacred Chamber was not covered by a dome before that

In past, the sacred chamber was not covered by a dome. Rather it was made different from other chambers by building a brick enclosure in the mosque’s roof.

The idea was inspired by the churches of Egypt

The King al-Zaahir al-Mansoor Qalawoon al-Saalihi, got inspired by the upright churches/other structures of Egypt and Syria and thereby got the dome constructed over the sacred grave.

In 678 A.H the dome got constructed

It was made out of wood. It had a square base and got octagonal towards the top. The dome was fixed upon the pillars, through the lead plate, that was around the chamber. The brick enclosure on the roof got also replaced by a wood enclosure.

Al-Naasir Hasan ibn Muhammad Qalawoon was the first one to get the dome renovated. Later it was refurbished during the reign of al-Ashraf Sha’baan ibn Husayn ibn Muhammad in 765 AH as the lead plates got slipped. During the era of Sultan Qayit Bey in 881 AH, the dome got renovated again.

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