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10 facts about the highest peak of Saudi Arabia – Jabal Sawda

10 facts about the highest peak of Saudi Arabia – Jabal Sawda

Saudi Arabia is a wonderful Kingdom that possesses characteristic excellence, immense deserts, and rough and green slopes and mountains. One of such lovely and green mountains are Jabal Sawda. 

Jabal Sawda is in the Southern piece of Saudi Arabia. These mountains come in arrangement with the Sarawat Mountains in Asir district of Saudi Arabia. Close to Jabal Sawda are found the mountains of Moushref, Sahla'a, Mana'a and Qa'mah. Here are a few more realities about the Jabal Sawda. 

1-Jabal Sawda is arranged in the Asir locale only 20 kilometers from the Abha City. 


2-These wonderful mountain ranges are situated on the most elevated purpose of Saudi Arabia. At the point when an individual stands on the edge of the Jabal Sawda in Abha city he is fundamentally remaining at the most elevated purpose of the Kingdom. Jabal Sawda is the most astounding top in the Kingdom which is 3,015 meters over the ocean level stature. 

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3-Jabal Sawdah is secured with quantities of Junipers trees and a few widely varied vegetation trees that all things considered structure a rich green and delightful woods in its sloping extent 

4-Jabal Sawda is otherwise called the essential summer resorts in Saudi Arabia and a delightful Hill station like Abha where several individuals love to visit amid the late spring season. 

The climate of these mountains makes it as a slope station where the summers are the coldest with the constant blustery climate, which is the wonderful climate than some other piece of Saudi Arabia. 

5-These mountains hold the record of a most astounding sprinkling rate than some other spot in the tremendous Kingdom. 

6-The all encompassing perspective is amazing and stunning, the mists assemble on the highest point of these statures. Individuals love to visit these statures and catch excellent minutes. It is additionally a lovely cookout spot. 

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7-The inhabitants of Jabal Sawda trust that the climate state of these pinnacles will energize greater interest in Saudi Arabia as voyagers. 

8-The general population from everywhere throughout the Kingdom, just as some Gulf Countries, love to visit the Sawda Mountains. There is dependably an expansion in number found in the guests who love the virus climate and bumpy nature. 

9-Beside these mountains, there are other over statures in the Kingdom that are only a couple of meters not exactly the most noteworthy pinnacle. They incorporate Al Harjjh Governorate "Mount Ferwa" in the western piece of Asir district with the tallness of 3,004 meters over the ocean level. 

What's more, after Mount Sawda and Mount Ferwa, Mount Al Majz comes which is 2,902 meters above ocean level. 

10-The town of Al Souda is close to these mountain ranges which is an excellent visitor purpose of Saudi Arabia.