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Procedure to get On-Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain by Road for Iqama Holders

Procedure to get On-Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain by Road for Iqama Holders

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Bahrain is an extremely decent spot to visit on the off chance that you are living in Saudi Arabia. In this article, I will expound on the method to jump On Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain through Causeway for Iqama Holders. 

Particularly, individuals who are living in urban areas of Dammam or Khobar of Saudi Arabia, they can make a trip to Bahrain in all respects effectively. Bahrain isn't altogether different from the place where there is Saudi Arabia to the extent the indigenous habitat is concerned however you can appreciate more transparency in Bahrain than in Saudi Arabia. Additionally Read: Get On Arrival Visit Visa at Bahrain Airport for Iqama Holders 


How to Travel? It is proposed to travel Bahrain all alone vehicle. On the off chance that you are living in a remote city like Jeddah and would prefer not to drive that much, you can book a ticket to Dammam airplane terminal and after that lease a vehicle from that point. 

Lease a Car: Tell them that you need to drive it to Bahrain and they will issue you an approval to drive it to Bahrain. You can likewise take Taxi yet they charge a great deal of cash like SR 250 to drop you there. 

Driving a vehicle yourself is the least demanding and least expensive path as you will utilize this vehicle even in Bahrain to travel. Additionally Read: Applying for eVisa to Bahrain for GCC Residents 

In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about the course guide to go to King Fahad Causeway, you can look it on Google Maps on your cell phone. When you are on King Fahad Causeway, you will begin feeling that you are leaving the blocked condition of Saudi Arabia. 

Lord Fahad Causeway: View on the two sides of the Road is astonishing. Regardless of whether somebody won't Bahrain, he should make a trip to the King Fahad Causeway with his family for a recreational visit. Just before the outskirt where movement begins, there is a delightful outing spot for families. Additionally Read: 6 Things to do on Causeway to Bahrain 

Migration Counter: Once you achieve the movement point, you should give your identification, leave reentry visa, and Iqama to the officer. GCC occupants should demonstrate the Iqama. 

On the off chance that you are an incessant explorer, it is smarter to get different leave reentry visa with you. You can apply for the leave reentry visa of your wards yourself by following this connection. "Apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa" 

Expense for Bahrain Visa from Saudi Arabia: They will charge you BD 2 (for 3 days) to BD 5  (for 1 or 2 weeks) in view of the span of your stay in Bahrain and let you enter the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Span of Visa: If you are entering to Bahrain from King Fahad Causeway, migration officer of Bahrain issues 14 days single passage visa. 

Conditions to jump On Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain: The Causeway Visit Visa (Saudi occupant) is just allowed subject to the accompanying terms and conditions; 

01-Validity of Passport: Passport must be substantial for the timeframe you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer. On the off chance that your identification legitimacy is in uncertainty, you might be denied passage to Bahrain. In any case, it is smarter to go there if your international ID has somewhere around a half year legitimacy 

02-Profession on Iqama: Unlike UAE and Qatar, you can get the visa for Bahrain independent of the calling you have on your Saudi Iqama. 

03-The Validity of Iqama: Applicant more likely than not had a present inhabitant grant of Saudi Arabia for no less than 3 months and it ought to likewise be substantial for next 3 months. You can Check Iqama Expiry Date Online. 

Valuable Tip to drive in Bahrain: If you don't think about the guides of Bahrain, it very well may be an issue since you will drive the vehicle yourself. I would propose you download a full guide of Bahrain on your cell phone when you are inside Kingdom. 

GPS innovation does not require the web: You should realize that GPS innovation does not require the web to disclose to you your precise area if maps are as of now downloaded on the cell phone. What you have to do is to simply Zoom in the full course to your inn and different pieces of Manama in your cell phone once. 

It will be naturally spared in your Google Maps application in the event that you are utilizing Android or iPhone. When you have entered to Bahrain, you should turn off your cell information since it is over the top expensive on meandering. 

In the event that you have just downloaded the guide, you will see that GPS is as yet revealing to you your accurate area on the guide. Make the most of your excursion to Bahrain. Additionally Read: A Tour to Bahrain – Places to Visit in Bahrain