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Umrah VISA Visitors allowed to Travel Other Cities in Saudi

Umrah VISA Visitors allowed to Travel Other Cities in Saudi

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Expatriates and their Families that individuals who are coming to Saudi Arabia on Umrah Visit VISA would now be able to make a trip to different urban communities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia amid their 30 days visit. 

Prior, they were just permitted to Visit Jeddah-Makkah-Madina just these urban communities and different urban areas were confined to visit for Umrah and Hajj Pilgrims. 

Presently Urah and Hajj Pilgrims can Visit any city in Saudi. Be that as it may, out of 30 days, they have to go through 15 days in Makkah and Madina and whatever is left of the 15 days they can Visit their Family or Friends or some different urban communities in Saudi. 


Service of Hajj and Umrah Affairs affirmed that 25,000 Umrah Visa were isseud over the most recent 4 days and 1000's of Pilgrims have arrive commotion the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from over the globe. 

Guests coming to Saudi Arabia are presently searching for go through their 15 days in Two blessed mosques and the rest at their family and companions home. 

Service of Hajj and Umrah Affairs expects around 7 to 8 million travelers before the month's over of Shawwal this year. 

Presently individuals will visit Saudi for religious ceremonies as well as to visit Saudi Arabia in their Visit Visas.