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5 Rules for Women Taxi Drivers in Saudi Arabia

5 Rules for Women Taxi Drivers in Saudi Arabia

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From June 2018, the ladies will be permitted to drive in the Kingdom for the absolute first time in the country's history. We as a whole realize that this progression was reported a year ago which was a piece of changes planned to modernize the ultraconservative Kingdom. 

Be that as it may, the boycott losing is close and the authorities are occupied to deal with the driving tenets for females. With the time nearing, the Public Transport Authority has likewise issued a few local laws for family transportation benefits that will be offered by ladies in the Kingdom. 

Notwithstanding, it is likewise revealed this new law came after the open transportation administrations began preparing their female drivers to offer Chauffer administration in the Kingdom. The nearness of the female drivers will stand supportive for female travelers who reject or waver male drivers. 

A couple of months prior, Saudi Arabia PTA's representative, Abdullah Al-Muatiri said the standards and guidelines arranged for female drivers won't be entirely different from male drivers. 


The Public Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia (PTA) issued an explanation that all family transportation specialist organizations must satisfy three conditions before issuing female driver administrations. 

01-First of all the female cab driver must be Saudi national and ought to have a legitimate driving permit. She ought to be free from every infectious illness and her name ought not be incorporated into any criminal record. SR 5,000 fine will be forced if the driver of the escort administration is a non-Saudi lady. 

02-The Saudi female drivers of Family transport administration should just give their administration in the city from where their permit is issued and on the off chance that they are discovered disregarding this law, an overwhelming fine of SR5,000 will be forced on her. 

03-Saudi female drivers should abstain from giving support of the main male travelers. It is obligatory for her to give her support of just females or families or there ought to be a grown-up female traveler alongside the male traveler. 

On the off chance that she disregards this law and conveys just male travelers she should pay a fine of SR 5,000. 

04-Saudi female drivers should just enable the ladies to sit in the front seat of the vehicle. In the event that she is gotten with a kid or a male traveler sitting in front seat SR 2,000 fine will bring about. 

05-Beside every one of these tenets and guidelines, different prerequisites that additional in the standing rules are the kind of vehicle utilized in transportation administrations. Following are the conditions stipulated for the vehicle: 

A-The vehicle which is to be utilized for transporting families must be seven-seater. 

B-The vehicle ought to be proficient and legitimate cooled. 

C-Its shading and appearance must fit the fundamental necessities. 

D-The vehicle ought not be over five years of age. 

E-Each vehicle must have a tracker fix in it. 

F-There ought to be an ID screen fit in it. 

G-The vehicle ought to have an electronic purpose of-offer machine for tolerating installments from its clients. 

The family transportation benefits in the Kingdom have declared to contract almost 10,000 of female drivers which will prompt a sharp fall popular for different drives who might customarily be procured by families to transport youngsters and ladies.