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New Saudi rules on recruiting foreign engineers

New Saudi rules on recruiting foreign engineers

6 months   ago  /  658

The Saudi authorities are enforcing new regulations which restrict the recruitment of foreign engineers, Akhbaar24 reported.

Under the new  rules, recently graduated remote designers would be banished from working in the Saudi Arabia  for lack of professional experience.


Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) official representative Abdulanasser Al Abdulllatif said that remote architects with under five years of expert experience would not be utilized. The administrative board had officially conceded organizations accountable for pressing tasks a three-month elegance period to end the agreements of exile engineers who don't meet the five-year criteria and who were employed before the new directions. 

Managers can just contract relate engineers, whose scholastic degrees are certify by an official expert in the representative's local nation and breeze through an appraisal test.

“The decision aims to provide Saudi engineers the opportunity to work in the public and private sectors and gain the necessary professional experience,” said Abdullatif.

The Labour and Social Development Ministry had issued an edict prohibiting the employment of expatriate engineers with less than five years experience, up from a three-year criteria in the past.