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Top 10 Traditional Saudi Dishes you must try while living in Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Traditional Saudi Dishes you must try while living in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian food has gained popularity all over the world. The Saudi food is delicious and tempting. Those who eat once, always have a desire to eat it again. That is the very reason why you can find Saudi food in various countries now.  


A Saudi dish is a blend of a variety of ingredients most commonly wheat, rice as well as lamb, chicken along with yogurt, potatoes and of course dates. The Saudi dishes incorporate a variety of spices that is eventually the key to great flavor and taste.

The delicious and tasty Saudi dishes are served at parties, events, and weddings as well! Listed below are few of the popular and amazing Saudi dishes that are must to try!
So if you are in Saudi Arabia, mark them as your nest meals and if you are planning to visit the kingdom, do try these dishes otherwise you trip would be tasteless!

1.Mandi / مندي: Mandi is one of the traditional Saudi dishes that are too tasty to be missed. Mandi is a very common dish that is served quietly often around the kingdom! It is definitely a must to try dish!

2. Kabsa كبسه: Kabsa is a great Saudi Arabian dish that is made out of rice. This dish is made by the combination of rice, meat, vegetable, and spices! Sounds great nah? It tastes even greater! We have already published the recipe to make Saudi Kabsah.

3. Roz Bukhari / رز البخاري: Bukhari Rice is also commonly known as Ruz al Bukhari has the Afghani origin. It is such a common, tasty and traditional food that it can easily be found in any Saudi restaurant! 

This rice dish is basically served with the roast chicken. Yet it is equally amazing if served with the spicy tomato sauce, chopped fresh salad and assembled with fried potato cubes. Grab a plate of Roz Bukhari whenever you visit SA!

4-Mutabbaq / مطبّق: Mutabbaq is the favorite for Saudis! Not only it has gained popularity among the south of Saudi Arabia, yet it is now being served with great zeal and zest in Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand.

It is a dish, rich in taste and ingredients. It is made through combinations of the Kabsa as well as Jereesh, and Gursan. It can be taken as an appetizer, side meals or even snacks. And believe me choosing it as an option is great!

5-Ferek: A plate filled with Ferek in winters is all that you would want once you try it! It is indeed a perfect winter treat!  It is made by brown onion paste added with spices and sweet.  Due to the addition of spices, it holds a great taste and it is not that much sweet like Hainini.

6-Saleek / سليق: Saleek is another specialty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a dish one can never resist and can never get bored off!

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