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Senior Partner for Top Global Management Consulting Firm Offers Inspiring Approach to Economic Development in the Middle East

Senior Partner for Top Global Management Consulting Firm Offers Inspiring Approach to Economic Development in the Middle East,blog,business,Economic development
Mohammed Alsherebi, a Saudi Arabian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist

Many challenges face the Middle East in terms of economic development, but one business executive is inspiring others in the region. Mohammed Alsherebi—a Saudi Arabian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who also serves as a senior partner and external director for a leading global management consulting firm—is preparing to launch a new ecosystem to facilitate business between Middle Eastern markets and the top global markets, as facilitated by the Saudi “Vision 2030” plan. 

Vision 2030 is intended to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependence on oil while diversifying its economy, in part via development of public service sectors including health and education, as well as infrastructure, tourism, and recreation. While developing the Middle East’s society, economy, and nation, Vision 2030 targets transforming the Middle East to become the ‘new Europe.’ This plan is reported to have a major economic contribution around the world, similar to the million-plus new jobs created in the United States, from deals announced during the first year since the launch of Vision 2030. 

Many reforms resulted last year in the wake of Vision 2030, including greater support for women’s empowerment, inclusion, diversity, and human rights. For example, for the first time in the country’s history, 2019 marks the year when women could apply for passports and travel without a male guardian’s permission, adding to the recent lift of the ban on women’s driving. The plan also affects Saudi women at work, calling for a rise in women’s workforce participation to 30 percent, barring gender-based discrimination at work, and resulting in more women entering leadership roles in the country’s largest banks and the stock exchange, as well as top diplomatic positions.

Money was rechanneled and restored to public wealth, resulting in financing trillions of dollars in economic projects such as the launch of the largest investment fund in history (PIF) and numerous projects to develop new zones and cities, including NEOM, the Red Sea, and Amaala. Many records were also set last year in the region, including development of the largest company in history (Aramco), the largest renewable energy project in history (200 GW of PV capacity), the largest VC fund in history (Vision Funds with SoftBank), the world’s largest entertainment park (Qiddiya), and the world’s largest city park (King Salman Park).

Alsherebi is launching the new ecosystem to facilitate business from the top providers in the Middle East to major global markets in multiple sectors including oil, petrochemicals, banking, telecommunications, food, health care, and retail. The same ecosystem also facilitates business from selected top global brands to major business opportunities in the Middle East in multiple sectors such as investment, management, technology, engineering, and entertainment.

“Alsherebi is a global influencer and true thought leader who impacts and inspires millions of followers across various media platforms,” said James Gorman, a former senior partner at the same consultancy firm. “He is passionate about helping the most innovative entrepreneurs build legendary companies, from idea to IPO. I am confident that the launch of his new ecosystem will be transformational for economic and business development throughout the Middle East, and in helping to further the goals of the Vision 2030 plan.”


About Mohammed Alsherebi

Mohammed Alsherebi holds BS and postgraduate degrees in industrial engineering and business, earning the highest academic distinction from Harvard Business School, New York University (NYU), and the University of California. Alsherebi is founder of the Centillion Company, which controls more than 10 companies in various fields and geographies including Nama Company, a leading local partner for the top 10 largest corporations in the region, including Saudi Aramco and SABIC. 

Decades of experience in his core functions of investment, strategy, technology, and innovation back Alsherebi’s new initiative to facilitate business between Middle Eastern markets and the top global markets, as facilitated by the Saudi “Vision 2030” plan. Alsherebi has served on McKinsey & Company’s Executive Global Panel since 2009 and as an advisor and counselor to McKinsey clients, other international firms, and for multiple subsidiaries of McKinsey, including McKinsey implementation, Elixir integration, and Digital McKinsey. He advises leaders of governments, investments, and businesses with focus on strategy, digital strategy, and investment funds. 

Alsherebi’s expertise in consulting incorporates three main components:

  • Strategy. Helping organizations in the private and public sector execute bold business strategy to perform exceptionally in the digital age, including in areas such as revenue growth, market entry, country expansion, product development, pricing improvements, and other strategic issues.
  • Digital strategy. Helping clients use digital to create value, including technologies in cognitive computing, data and analytics, AI, and cloud computing.
  • Strategy for investment. Advising investment leaders across the entire investment life cycle such as deal generation, due diligence, value creation plans, and portfolio management.

Alsherebi also sits on the board of several institutions and holding multiple leadership roles at major Fortune Global 500 companies. 


 /  Source: AETOSWire