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Ubuy: A Popular and Convenient Online Shopping Platform in KSA

The trend of online shopping has picked up pace across the globe especially due to the Covid 19 induced lockdowns and social distancing norms. Currently, it accounts for more than 14% of the total global retail sales. The advancement of computers and telecommunication systems has enhanced the proliferation of online shopping throughout most regions. 

Top global companies like Amazon have helped to make online shopping in KSA accessible to most people. During the year 2018, the number of online shoppers in Saudi was 12.9 million and it is estimated to increase to 19.3 million by 2022. Saudi Arabia’s GDP was approximately 786 billion USD as of 2018. 

The Ecommerce industry has grown steadily with the support of the Government of Saudi Arabia; who believes in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship to develop the economy and boost trade in the country. Ubuy has taken the initiative to provide its services in 90 countries worldwide.  Ubuy provides its customers with an option to choose from a wide range of over 50 million diverse local and globally branded products. 
Growth of Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large and rapidly growing economy in the GCC. It ranks 47th in the world in terms of population. 45% of the population is under the age of 24 making it a young and vibrant country. Over 30% of the population is migrants from different nationalities. 
Saudi has been an oil-based economy and supplies oil to many countries around the world. 

Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia has been quite slow in the initial stages despite having a high readiness index. In 2017 the internet penetration was only 1.4% but that situation has been changing rapidly since the last two years. But in recent times the Ecommerce growth rate has exceeded 32%, while Saudi Arabia’s online shopping sales are expected to touch 9 billion USD by 2025. About 64% of the shoppers in Saudi Arabia prefer to pay cash on delivery. Online shopping in Riyadh, Daman, Jeddah, Mecca and other major cities in Saudi has been booming in recent times due to the Covid 19 pandemic induced change in consumer behavior towards online shopping. The initial momentum in Ecommerce was driven by electronics, fashion and travel and the next phase of Ecommerce growth is expected to be propelled by FMCG, groceries and personal care items.

Internet Penetration in Saudi Arabia

Internet penetration has been quite high in Saudi, especially when compared to other countries in the middle east. It has about 64.7% penetration rate which was just 2.21% in the year 2000.

The past 16 years have seen a quick spread of the internet which has been influential for the country and around 7.96 million Saudis had Facebook accounts in 2016. Youtube is also quite popular in the kingdom with citizens clocking more than 90 million views a day. 

The smartphone penetration in Saudi Arabia is one of the highest in the world and is driven by the affluent population of the kingdom. It is expected to reach 66.6% by 2022 and also increase the social media consumption which is presently at 59%. The Saudi government is doing its best to improve the digital payment ecosystem by streamlining the licensing process. 

About Ubuy Saudi Arabia

Ubuy is one of the top online shopping platforms in Saudi Arabia. It is not just another regular shopping platform but offers something different and special. Ubuy was launched in 2012 in Kuwait and provides online shopping service to people in more than 90 countries. It expanded its operations slowly over the past few years and offers more than 15 categories of diverse global products. Their categories include electronics, fashion & jewellery, mobiles, beauty products, sports, office products, baby and toddler essentials, books, pet supplies and musical instruments.

Ubuy is quite popular in Saudi since they offer their customers the latest branded local and global products to suit the taste and preferences of the people. Ubuy does charge the customers for the customs and freight duties according to the prevailing charges in the particular country. All products purchased on Ubuy are shipped to the address provided by the buyer within the stipulated time. The services of DHL are utilized to deliver the products to customers in the 90 countries where Ubuy operates. Ubuy sells only legally permitted products according to each country's criterion.

The ubuy brand is visible on top social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and they also manage a very useful blog covering a diverse range of topics like travel, shopping, festivals, electronics, cellphones, etc. Customers can pay with VISA, Amex, Paypal etc. Products and goods ordered through Ubuy will be delivered to the address provided by the customers. Customers have the option to choose products from 8 global stores just by clicking on a particular country store. The following country based stores are available on the Ubuy website: US, UK, Germany, Kuwait, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea stores.

Is Ubuy Saudi a Secure and Trustworthy Store?

Ubuy website is an HTTPS site where the “S” stands for a secure and safe connection. All the communications between the customer’s browser and the Ubuy website are encrypted. 

It is a legit and trustworthy store that is registered and has been providing millions of customers with high-quality products. The company uses the latest technologies to safeguard all its website services to provide an excellent seamless online shopping experience.

Ubuy strives hard to delight its customers by providing the latest top quality products and services at all times. The dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to track and follow up on any customer queries and complaints. If any customer receives an incorrect or damaged product; they will get a full refund according to the return and refund policy.

Ubuy Saudi Reviews

Customers who shopped on Ubuy Saudi have given positive reviews about their experience on highly reputed and reliable sites like Trustpilot and Google Shopping, etc. These reviews help Ubuy to make better decisions and also to fine-tune and improve the existing services. The Ubuy KSA reviews are important and help the company to get better and move ahead on the right track. 



Ubuy has been trying hard from 2012, to carve a niche for itself in the global Ecommerce market. Ubuy is trying to be different and unique compared to other Ecommerce players. The Ubuy website is very modern, trendy, customer-friendly and quite responsive to meet the current and future expectations of its global consumers. Ubuy ships all their products from 8 international warehouses located in different countries directly to the customer. Ubuy offers all customers a wide range of genuine branded products, to fulfil all their needs and desires in order to enjoy their life in comfort and satisfaction.

By: Fahad Khan