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COVID-19 Not-to-do list

COVID-19 Not-to-do list

COVID-19 or as we hear it all day and every day “coronavirus” has almost paralyzed daily lives. One section of the world population considers it a boon while other as a bane. But keeping in mind the need for the hour; social distancing, staying at home, and washing your hands is a must and the citizens have been hearing from every government authorities daily. There are plenty of to-do lists conjured for people who love being busy. But is there anything you should not do during your time at home? Yes, there is and these will come as helpful tips.

Do not encourage spreading false news or rumours. 

 We are right now at a point wherein people of all ages have their lifelines depending on the internet and more importantly social media. Messages, news, and images travel fast like wildfire. Without realizing the repercussions of such actions, many indulge in the spreading of information without verifying them. In such testing times, it is important to not believe every news that comes by as it will end up creating mass hysteria. It is essential to verify the news and rectify it with the individual that sends across the message in question. Confirm from health authorities or follow the government websites to keep track of the situation. If you can make use of the internet to spread news, you can make use that same internet to take a few seconds and double-check the information. 

Do not spend too much time on the Internet.

 One might think, staying at home would mean spending hours surfing through the web, watching all sorts of content non-stop is a good way to kill time. It is good for a few hours but giveaway 24X7 it is a big no. Surfing kills productivity. Use the internet for something beneficial. There are plenty of online classes available catering to various interests, re-educating through them will be extremely helpful. The Internet has become a basic right, but making use of it when it is required is the ideal way to consume it. 

Do not indulge in food.

 Food is a basic human right. The percentage of the world population who have the privilege of getting food on their plates three times a day is average. Plenty of people out there who aren’t able to afford eatables because of the current situation. It is important to eat just as required and not to devour just because you can. Staying at home would tempt many to indulge in consuming food more than required, but the power lies in controlling the intake. It is unhealthy to consume a lot of food and will affect the body health. Take small amount of food three to four times a day to cut the cravings. This is will assist in reducing the urge. 

Do not procrastinate.

Since a lot of time is available just to laze around, it is unhealthy for the mind and body to get used to it. Get on board with activities that have always been on the to-do list. As mentioned above, plenty of online courses are available to cater to various interests. Do not delay any of them, as this is once in a lifetime opportunity to gain something out of so much time given in a platter. 

Do not leave your home unless it is necessary.

This one instruction has been bombarded into our minds and rightfully so by all the government departments for precaution's sake. Essentials can be purchased once in a week. During the rest of the week, it is important to not go out in public places or large gatherings. It is safe to stay indoors.

Do not lose patience.

These are testing times. There is an ongoing global pandemic. Every person on this planet is being affected by it. All the governments around the world are doing their best to flatten the curve and control the outbreak.  All we have to do as citizens is to understand the gravity of the circumstances and follow the guidelines and instructions put down by the local health authorities. Following them step by step is crucial to eventually control it. 

All of these may come across as a tough challenge initially, but these will surely help in forming a definite goal during such times when one has to be at home all day. Start them at a leisure pace and it will eventually become a habit to cherish. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.