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Reasons to Work with Professional Translators in Saudi Arabia

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Translation, as the most diverse method of communication, continues to be an indispensable part of our daily life. There are various cases where people consult translation agencies from their own individualistic needs or for documents that will be needed in international settings. In both cases, working with professionals that are proficient in both the source and target languages is essential to ensure the material is translated in a flawless manner. 

Arabic remains one of the most globally sought languages, as millions of people request translation services from or into Arabic each day. For a country such as Saudi Arabia, with its pivotal role in the current global relations as the birthplace of Islam and as the country with the greatest oil reserves, working with professionals located in Saudi Arabia will help individuals greatly. Choosing to hire local professionals like Protranslate professional Arabic translation agency will help be confident that your documents will be translated without any errors. 

Google Translate versus Professional Translation Services

If you have some documents that you need to translate, you can either use Google Translate or hire a professional translation to do the job for you. If the need for translation is urgent, it is a common tendency for people to just resort to Google Translate. While it is true that Google Translate offers fast, free, and convenient translation services for people, we need to acknowledge its drawbacks before uploading our documents to this convenient website.

Despite its reputation as the best free translation tool online with its 200 million users, we cannot oversee the fact that its translation quality is not always reliable. This is mostly because it relies on machine learning to improve its translations, meaning there are no human professionals that will run a quality control process on the translated texts to improve their quality. Another drawback of using Google Translate is the lack of privacy. Since the tool heavily relies on machine learning, it needs to use all the documents uploaded on the platform to improve itself. This means that whenever you upload your document on Google Translate, you are essentially sharing your personal documents with third-party applications. 

Consulting with a professional translation agency means that you won’t have to worry about your confidential information being shared with others. It also means that your document will be analyzed thoroughly and will be translated accordingly. Professional translation agencies have processes like quality assurance and proofreading to ensure the document is translated without any linguistic or semantic errors. The biggest advantage of human translation is that professional translators will be able to understand the context of the text better while Google Translate will translate all kinds of documents in the same way. Evaluating the context and needs of the text means that official documents will be translated with proper language use while commercial documents will be transcreated.

Translation Agencies in Saudi Arabia

The influence of Arabic culture is visible in languages such as Turkish, Bosnian, Persian, and Hindi, but also in English with certain words like albacore and adobe that have distant Arabic origins. One of the official languages of the United Nations, Arabic speakers are constantly increasing thanks to population growth and immigration from and to the listed countries. The Arabic alphabet is said to be one of the hardest to master; however, it is one that produces the most coveted calligraphy around the world. Considering the complexity of Arabic, working with native Arabic speakers for your Arabic translation needs will always yield the best results. These professionals can use the correct terminology or alter the text in a way that will be more accurate.

Of course, finding competent translators in Saudi Arabia can be a hassle. Trying to find physical translation bureaus and commissioning the translators usually end up in a waste of time, and the nearest translation service provider does not necessarily mean that the translation agency will provide quality services. But luckily for you, Protranslate Saudi Arabia translation agency is there to help with all your translation and localization needs! With its online platform, you can upload and have your document translated by professionals 24/7 with only one click.

By: Saima Sarwar SEO