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How to Choose the Right Perfume for Any Occasion

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Perfume collections usually only start with one or two bottles. But the more you get into collecting fragrances, the more you will experiment with products and add new ones to your closet.

And once you know more about fragrances, you will become better at choosing the right perfumes to add to your collection.

Aside from restocking your favorite scents whenever you run out, when shopping for perfumes, you will also do well to buy ones you can use based on different occasions. By doing so, you will have something that elevates your fragrance game and makes you stand out even more — every day and in any event.

Smelling Your Best at Any Event

Below is a guide that can help you choose the right perfume for a particular occasion:

1. Office Use

Since you spend a large portion of your time at work, a fragrance ideal for daily use is not only pleasant, but necessary for a flawless style.

For office use, unpretentious traditional scents that are delicate and fresh are highly recommended. As such, you won’t go wrong with floral-grassy and floral-fruity perfumes.

Creed, a well-known niche perfume house, has a collection of scents with floral, grassy, and fruity notes.

Acqua Fiorentina Perfume, for instance, effectively combines floral and citrus notes that make you feel fresh and clean the whole day. Its tones of bergamot, lemon, plum, and apple give it a bright and sharp scent.

For men, Creed’s Original Vetiver makes full use of vetiver and combines it with mandarin, bergamot, sandalwood, and other spices. Its fragrance is reminiscent of summer and leaves a fascinating freshness on the skin.

2. Business and Power Meetings

A meeting with the boss or important clients, presentation, or power lunch calls for a different kind of scent.

Business and power meetings entail communicating and engaging with many people of different positions and backgrounds. This means you have to be confident, smart, and comfortable as much as possible as you speak with or present to them.

A perfume with a bold scent can boost your confidence and enable you to feel more self-assured. An enigmatic fragrance can make you stand out in any room, which can make your presentation or talk more memorable.

Fragrances with hints of amber, clove buds, ginger, patchouli, sandalwood, and tuberose are perfect for such events.

These bold perfumes are also great for pairing with outfits that you have to wear from the office straight to an evening affair.

3. A Romantic Date

The right fragrance is also a must for both day and night romantic dates.

For a day date, you won’t go wrong with wearing a perfume that evokes confidence and poise. Fragrances with floral and candied fruit scents and hints of spices and woodsy notes are your best choice.

For date nights, you want something more uplifting and glamorous. A perfume with a rich and exotic woodsy fragrance can make you feel more attractive and ready for a romantic evening.

A good rule of thumb to remember when buying a perfume for romantic dates is to choose something that your date may not have smelled before. As such, pick out a scent with unique notes, such as bamboo, coconut, and pomegranate.

You also won’t go wrong with choosing a stronger, bolder scent that you currently don’t have.

However, be careful about spraying on too much of a unique or bold scent. Strong fragrances can modify one’s sense of taste, which can ruin lunch or dinner.

If you are using such fragrances, dab only a small amount behind your ears and on your collarbone and pulse points.

4. Your Day Off

Whether you are planning to do something during the weekend or an unexpected day off, without the hazards of commuting, pollution, and air conditioner to contend with, you can wear a perfume with a bit more complexity.

Your break from work allows you to wear your perfumes with unique, unexpected combinations, such as cocoa and frankincense or amber and white saffron.

If you are buying your first unique perfume, you should pick something that gives you a special touch. It should have that standout staying power that allows you to get out of your daily rut.

Keep in mind that there is a whole world of unusual, unique fragrances for women out there to discover. For this reason, be prepared to spend hours studying your options before buying one.

5. A Dinner Party

Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or milestone at work, dinner parties also require a specific scent to make you blend in with the crowd or stand out for the right reason, whichever you prefer.

If you are now a pro at attending dinner parties, you should already know that the two types of guests that tend to score low with others are those considered too self-absorbed and, unfortunately, those whose perfume does more talking than all the other people put together.

Because of this, it can be tricky to find a perfume that has enough power to be detected over the smell of fried or steamed fish and last the entire night, yet is subtle enough to avoid turning off the other guests.

A good tip to follow when choosing which perfume to wear for a dinner party is to pick one with a heavy base, such as oud, that has been toned down by lighter notes, like vanilla or rose. These fragrances can keep you smelling great throughout the event without overwhelming others.

6. A Fancy Event

Lastly, whether it is a wedding, gala, charity ball, or corporate event, special, posh soirees call for a perfume that accentuates your personality and elevates your outfit.

Additionally, since it is a fancy event, it is the best time to use your swankiest perfume.

If you are shopping for a fancy perfume, ensure it is the most evocative of your collection. It should be the one that makes you feel the most glamourous even if you are already wearing a posh outfit and accessories.

To feel classy and confident throughout the event, make sure you choose eau de parfum since it lasts and sticks to your body longer.

Regarding scents, narrow down your options to include opulent and fresh perfumes with woodsy hints, such as amber, patchouli, and musk.

With the right perfume, you can make your fragrance work for you, whether you use it every day or for a special occasion.

By: Chiyako Ikeda