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How to dress right for Ramadan

How to dress right for Ramadan

Ramadan is said to mark the beginning of a whole new season of fashion trends in the Middle East. It is time to dress modestly as well.


1. Load up on accessories

Ever considered accessories as a cover-up? Probably not. But we’re here to tell you that you can give your wardrobe a Ramadan makeover simply by throwing in some crochet stoles, chiffon scarves, and embroidered shrugs. It’ll cover your arms and shoulders, give your outfit a new look and boost your style quotient. If you’re wearing a particular top add a chunky necklace or one of those over-sized pendants to cover-up.

2. Flaunt long sleeves
Long bell sleeves are back in fashion and they are perfect to flaunt during this time of the year. Another trend that we saw on runways recently was super-long sleeves (you know the ones that actually extend beyond your actual hand). If you feel like trying something different, this is another trend you can sport. But apart from fashion, the scorching heat is yet another really good reason to stay protected by covering up.

3. Wear loose, longer tops

Along with sleeves, ensure your tops are also long enough and go well beyond the hips. Steer clear of crop tops this month. It’s a good idea to layer your top above a regular slip. Loose tops are also comfortable to sport considering the rising temperature. When paired with the right accessories, they can look perfectly flattering.

4. Get a few linen trousers in light colours

There is nothing that’s more comfortable than a pair of linen trousers to carry you through a hot summer day. It lets your skin (and you) breathe. This is one item of clothing that will probably never go out of style.

5. Layer up

This is a good time to pull out those lightweight jackets, floor-sweeping kimonos or kaftans and even sport a chiffon abaya (if you’ve never tried one) that you can simply throw over your shoulders while wearing your everyday attire. It gives the necessary coverage and looks fashionable at the same time. If you love your skirts, wear them with opaque leggings (not see-through stockings). Mix and match items from your closet to create your own Ramadan look.

6. Stay vibrant

Many designers bring out an exclusive collection during this time. We’ll see a mix of pastel and bright colours, playful abstract art and even a harmonious blend of different prints. While dressing conservatively is the key, there is no restriction on patterns, embellishments, and embroideries.

7. Try the headscarf ... differently

Because there are just so many ways you can style this. Look up some fun YouTube videos and try a different one until you find your favourite. It’s like sporting a new hairstyle every day. And the best part is it keeps your hair protected too.

Here are 5 quick norms you must keep in mind:

•Keep your legs covered and don’t wear shorts, skirts or skimpy dresses on their own

•Avoid sleeveless attires and strappy tops.

•Watch your neckline – No deep V’s or plunging necklines.

•Avoid figure-hugging clothes.

•Ensure your dresses have adequate lining beneath.

 /  Source: timesofoman