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6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

6 Beautiful Places to Visit in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

11 months   ago  /  1567

The first thing that clicks as a main priority of each Muslim when they hear the name of the city, Tabuk, is the clash of Tabuk. Tabuk is the very city where the Muslims battled the Battle of Tabuk amid the life of Holy Prophet PBUH. 

So the spot holds a unique spot in each Muslim's heart. Be that as it may, it has likewise grabbed the eye of the profound respect. It has been created and declared as the territory's capital city. 


The city of Tabuk has a moderate atmosphere, an atmosphere that is neither excessively sweltering in summer nor excessively cold in winters. So, an atmosphere adored by all! So the city of Tabuk can be visited whenever of the year. In any case, in winters there is haze and ice around and water bodies will in general stop. 

The substantial rainfalls additionally cause a fog around the city. Tabuk had been the capital of the territory named Al Ayaneyan. It had appreciated being a capital city for quite a while. It has been a prosperous city and individuals love to visit it. Here are those spots you should visit at Tabuk: 

1-Tabuk old castle:  Tabuk was previously a late spring hotel of the Roman Empires. In this way there are numerous old structures here which go back to Roman time, one such captivating building is the Castle of Tabuk. 

The manor is an old one, history pronounces that it was worked in 3500 BC. An absolute necessity to visit would it say it isn't? 

2-Railway Station: The city of Tabuk holds authentic proof. This proof shows how Islam advanced over years. The city is wealthy in history and one is astonished to see the noteworthy structures there. Do visit the landmarks and mosques which are of the Islamic time frame. 

Nonetheless, the most imperative chronicled structure of Tabuk is the Railway station. The remaining parts of the railroad station are still in the ownership of Tabuk. The railroad station was worked amid the Ottoman time frame. 

3-Al Bidaa: It is an imperative archeological site. It is viewed as one of the world's most essential locales! 

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