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Downtown, Cairo, Egypt - Places to Visit in Cairo - The Urban Center of Cairo Since the 19th Century

Downtown, Cairo, Egypt - Places to Visit in Cairo - The Urban Center of Cairo Since the 19th Century

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Downtown, Cairo, Egypt - It has been regarded as the urban center of Cairo since the 19th century and it is now where most of the Egyptian landmarks that located in Cairo are found

Downtown, Cairo (وسط البلد in Arabic) has been built with using the help of French hands in order to impress on the importance of placing the European architectural style of buildings in the area as well as implementing some of the other European urban planning that include wide streets and the geometrical harmony.


Being the urban center of Cairo for all these years, downtown Cairo is still considered the center of Cairo in general when it comes to reaching out for other destinations and one of the places where a lot of tourists prefer to book their hotels in order to be close to as many landmarks and touristic places as possible.

There are different places to visit in Cairo in general but when it comes to the downtown area, there are a couple of things to be mentioned. Talaat Harb sqaure is one of the landmarks that mark the downtown area in Cairo. Talaat Harb sqaure is where the statue of Talaat Harb, the founder of Banque Misr is located; this is a place where you will pass by or else get the chance to see if you decided to sit in Groppi, the first and oldest ice cream shop to be found in downtown Cairo and the one that managed to live until today, that it started to become a landmark on its own.

Abdeen sqaure is another famous attraction in downtown, Cairo, Egypt, and this mainly goes back to Abdeen Palace that is placed there. There are several restaurants and cafes to be found in Abdeen square and there are some festivals that take place there as well. Abdeen Palace has been one of the famous residential palaces for the presidents of Egypt before it all moves to Etihadia Palace.

Qasr El Nil Bridge is not like a touristic place to head for but this is also a place where you will most probably pass by when you are going back and forth from downtown to other places like Zamalek. Qasr El Nile Bridge has been always famous with the lions that stand on its entrance, making it different from any other bridge that could be found in Cairo. This has always been considered the first bridge to link central Cairo, downtown, to other areas found around across the Nile River.

Tahrir square is one of the biggest squares that could be found in Cairo, Egypt, and it is found in downtown where some old buildings and attractions are found as well, such as the Egyptian Museum. This square is known to be the place for the political demonstrations done and the latest was the 2011 revolution in Cairo. 

The Egyptian Museum comes next on the list and this is the place where most of the Pharaonic antiquities are found and is also the place were lots of important pieces of Egyptian history is placed. The Egyptian Museum is one of those destinations and Cairo attractions that tourists place on the list of places to visit in Cairo, Egypt, and it also happens to be in downtown area.

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