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Visit Europe’s most romantic cities

Visit Europe’s most romantic cities

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Europe is one of the best picks for a honeymoon destination with its exotic beaches, rustic charm and luxury resorts. Walking hand in hand down the cobbled streets glancing at the elegant structures or relaxing at the pristine beaches enjoying the scenic vistas of the sea, Europe has it all.

Here is a list of the top seven cities you would definitely find in Europe. These are a must-visit and they would make your honeymoon a memorable affair.



The first place that comes to mind when we talk of love and Europe is definitely Paris, France. Paris reeks of romance and there are endless things to do with your partner. You can go on romantic drives in a Vintage Citröen or take a stroll alongside the Seine River during sunset. Paris is an enchanting city with artsy museums and classical bistros. Relive your wedding vows with the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop. Enjoy your time here as the place has a lot to offer.


This Scottish gem of Europe is one of the most beautiful cities with rocky hills overlooking the deep blue sea. Every nook and cranny of Edinburgh oozes out love with its magnificent castles, beautiful churches and Gothic cathedrals. You can also go star watching with your partner at The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.


Immersed in history, the city of London has in store something or the other for everyone. Located in Great Britain, London is a top honeymoon destination amongst couples. Its classic architecture, fascinating museums and lively pubs leaves everyone dazzled. The top places to visit are the South Bank, Painshill Park, and St Paul’s Cathedral. Also enjoy a ride on the London’s eye and enjoy beautiful skyline views.

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