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Guide: Prohibited and restricted items while travelling to GCC

Guide: Prohibited and restricted items while travelling to GCC

All GCC countries –  have their own list of prohibited things and travellers ar suggested to require all precaution to confirm that you simply don't carry such substances; either personally, your baggage or in medicines you will be carrying.

Strict penalties embody years of imprisonment followed by deportation.


Eventhough, the list of prohibited or prohibited things don't seem to be same for all, below ar a number of the things that has been prohibited by all GCC countries.

Items prohibited altogether GCC countries

  • All kinds of narcotic medicine
  • Pornographic material – print, video, audio, disk etc.
  • Fireworks, weapons & ammunition
  • Chemical and organic fertilisers
  • Pork meat and connected merchandise
  • Crude Ivory and rhino horn
  • Endangered animal species
  • Forged and duplicate currency
  • Radar jammers/other unauthorised communication devices
  • Gambling tools and machineries
  • Radiation impure substances

Drugs, Seeds and Leafs

  • All narcotics and recreational medicine together with cocain, heroin, cannabis and opiates and its derivatives ar prohibited.
  • Be careful of carrying in flower seeds that ar prohibited in some countries together with UAE, thus avoid accidentally carrying work merchandise which may contain such seeds.
  • Also prohibited is quat leaf, true pepper leaf or whacky, niswar, gutkha, that whereas admittable in some countries isn't allowable within the UAE. Indian paan and derivatives ar prohibited in countries like Bahrain.


Do make sure that your medication doesn't contain a prohibited or restricted substance. UAE has printed a listing of 350+ restricted and controlled medicines or medicine, that is offered here.

If your medication contains any prohibited or restricted substance, it's recommended to not carry them on your flight/travel.

However, if for medical or emergency reasons, you wish to hold any medicines, please make sure that you have got a medical prescription from a doctor licenced in country of your arrival. If the treatment was undertaken abroad, you need to carry each a doctor’s prescription additionally as a close report.

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