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Al-Aiban: No secret prisons in Kingdom; freedom of expression guaranteed

Al-Aiban: No secret prisons in Kingdom; freedom of expression guaranteed

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Human Rights Commission (HRC) President Bandar Bin Muhammad Al-Aiban repeated on Thursday Saudi Arabia's assurance to proceed with endeavors in securing and advancing human rights. "Under the administration of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, appointee head and priest of guard, the Kingdom seeks after endeavors to accomplish economical improvement in accordance with a fair way between accomplishing the best frameworks and practices in the field of human rights, the privilege to advancement and the protection of the estimations of the Saudi society. 


Tending to the session for the reception of the extra report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Kingdom inside the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), Al-Aiban accentuated that there are no mystery penitentiaries and detainment focuses in the Kingdom, and that mystery confinement is denied under the Kingdom's guidelines. "The Public Prosecution, the Human Rights Commission, the National Society for Human Rights and other significant experts screen detainment facilities and confinement focuses," he said while alluding to the Kingdom's execution of the HRC proposals concerning reasonable preliminary and criminal equity. 

Al-Aiban said that the Kingdom got 258 proposals at the 31st session of the UPR Working Group held in November 2018. A Saudi advisory group made out of concerned legislative bodies, the Human Rights Commission, and various common society organizations considered it. The examination found that 182 suggestions were completely bolstered and 31 halfway supported by the Kingdom. 

Al-Aiban additionally dismissed the internationalization of the Jamal Khashoggi case. "Concerning the proposals made by various nations on the issue of Jamal Khashoggi, the Kingdom managed them emphatically with being completely persuaded with the tremendousness and loathsomeness of this grievous and agonizing occurrence, and the trustworthiness of the measures to be taken on this issue. The moves made by the Kingdom on this issue depend on protected and sound legitimate standards. 

He cleared up that Saudi Arabia upheld the vast majority of these suggestions except for two of them. "The dismissal of these two depends on the way that they were negative to the power of the Kingdom and impedance in their inner undertakings in a way obviously damaging the worldwide laws and traditions," he said while taking note of that the first locale and mediation of Khashoggi case remains completely inside the Saudi legal executive. 

Alluding to the lawful techniques taken for the situation, Al-Aiban said that the Public Prosecution had started researching this case after the event of the occurrence. "The skillful experts have been told to gather the data and proof vital for the examination and prosecution, and issued warrant for the capture of the denounced and treated them in a way that safeguards their nobility and does not open them to physical or moral provocation. The suspects were properly educated about their entitlement to look for the administrations of an attorney amid the periods of examination and preliminary. 

He noticed that the Public Prosecution investigated the suspects at its central command in the wake of illuminating them of the charges against them within the sight of their attorneys. The Public Prosecution at that point alluded the case to an uncommon court and the preliminary is in progress. Three hearings have just been held and these were gone to by the denounced and their legal counselors. The preliminary sessions are proceeding as per the set methodology and these were within the sight of agents of the Human Rights Commission, the National Society for Human Rights, and various delegates of political missions authorize to the Kingdom. The Public Prosecution proceeds with its examinations with the rest of the suspects and it is yet to gather considerable proof to outline charges against them. 

Al-Aiban, who drove the Saudi designation to the Geneva meet, avowed that the Saudi legal executive activities its real specialist and a framework perfect with the universally perceived standards of the freedom of the legal executive, having the components and models of equity, straightforwardness and fair-mindedness. "The Kingdom's legal executive activities its capacities as an autonomous specialist," he stated, while attracting consideration regarding a few media reports and explanations, globalizing a few strategies taken as to the Khashoggi case. 

Dismissing such reports completely, Al-Aiban underlined the need to regard the sway of the Kingdom and the autonomy of its legal executive just as its locale over all the residential cases, saying that such moves expressly question the uprightness of its legal executive and freedom of its methods. 

With respect to the suggestions made on the privileges of ladies and kids, Al-Aiban focused on that Kingdom's guidelines preclude control practiced by certain men over ladies, which were expressed in proposals relating to the gatekeeper law. 

On the proposals made to the Kingdom over the military activities of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, Al-Aiban said that the alliance is resolved to maintain the universal helpful and human rights laws as demonstrated in the report. He focused on that the Kingdom is resolved to remain with the Yemeni individuals and its authentic government just as to the arrangement of philanthropic help, which added up to more than $13 billion as of January 2019, and its commitment added up to $5 million to the givers' gathering hung on Feb. 26. 

With respect to capital punishment and beating, Al-Aiban said the Kingdom repeated its situation in its national human rights report noticing that Article 15 of the Juvenile Law ensures that a minor needs to serve 10-year detainment in an adolescent home if the wrongdoing submitted by him is deserving of death. 

He noticed that the Kingdom bolstered completely every one of the suggestions of the UN body with respect to human dealing. Alluding to the opportunity of articulation and development of social orders and leading of authentic and tranquil exercises, Al-Aiban said that they are ensured under the Kingdom's guidelines.