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Expat terminated for dismissing 30 Saudis

Expat terminated for dismissing 30 Saudis

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The Ministry of Labor branch in the Eastern Province has restored 30 Saudis in their occupations following their rejection by an exile, who exploited his post in the HR the executives. 

His choice obviously contradicted the guidelines, which disallow non-Saudis involving such posts. 

The Director General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Eastern Province Abdulrahman Bin Fahd Al-Muqbil said the service's branch followed up looking into it which became a web sensation via web-based networking media. 

The service dispatched an authority group to the abusing firm situated in Al-Khobar. 


The exile was issued an exit just visa and a Saudi was designated in his place. 

Infringement worth SR420,000 were enrolled against the firm.