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Makkah heritage, cultural festival launched

Makkah heritage, cultural festival launched
Presentations include a showcase of traditional handicrafts practiced by women in an attempt to preserve the city’s heritage. (SPA)

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The Makkah Between Heritage and Authenticity Festival started on Tuesday at the Al-Aziziyah grounds of Umm Al-Qura University. The occasion was formally propelled by Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Ghamdi, the college's VP for branches. 

Dr. Fahd Al-Malki, the chief of the college's historical centers office gave a short introduction about the celebration and the exercises and shows that have been sorted out to feature a portion of the connections between the cutting edge city and its social legacy. These incorporate a grandstand of conventional crafted works rehearsed by ladies trying to save the city's legacy. The occasion likewise intends to feature speculation open doors for business ventures identifying with legacy. 


Al-Ghamdi saluted the historical centers division for its endeavors to advance social associations by displaying such engaging, social and logical exercises. 

He likewise initiated the Saudi Historical Society's Makkah branch within the sight of its leader, Dr. Abdullah receptacle Ali Al-Zaydan, and different individuals. The participants visited a going with display and evaluated the general public's productions and gathering records.