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No place for expat engineers less than 5 years experience

No place for expat engineers less than 5 years experience

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No new recruitment's of expat engineers with less than five years of experience in Saudi Arabia from January 2018 as per the announced agreement of Ministry of Labor and Social Development. 

All the companies have 3 months of time to get rid off with expats less than 5 years of experience, Engineers with 5 years experience must go for a professional test and a personal interview to be worked as engineer and to get profession as engineer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


- The decision aim is to provide more opportunities to Saudi citizen engineers in public and private sector companies , as per the report published in Saudi Press Agency.

- Earlier it was mandatory to have 3 years of experience for an expat engineer, to be eligible for a professional test and a personal interview, Now it is must to have 5 years experience before they get work permit or working profession as engineer.

- Saudi Arabia is facing a unemployment issue in Saudi citizens, The new strict regulations will provide more jobs to Saudi engineers instead of expatriate engineers.

- As per the report of Institute of International Finance, Saudi economy would contract 0.4% this year because of 12.3% unemployment rate in the citizens of Saudi Arabia. 

- Saudi Arabia is moving towards its Vision 2030, Earlier few days back its in news that Labor ministry will restrict expat workers in grocery stores, In shops with female specific items, Shopping Malls, Baqalas, Car rentals, Medical Insurance and management roles in tourism agencies.

- Travel firms in the Kingdom got a deadline of December from Tourism authority to hire Saudi citizens as managers and department heads.

 /  Source: saudi-expatriates