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Reward people who report traffic violations

Reward people who report traffic violations

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IN a WHO give an account of the status of street wellbeing around the globe, Saudi Arabia recorded the most noteworthy rate of passings coming about because of car crashes among the Group of 20 nations. 

There were 28,800 mishaps for each 100,000 populace in the nation, while the all out number of passings coming about mishaps was 9,031. 

Before these frightening numbers, we must choose the option to concede this is an impression of the nonattendance of traffic culture in the Saudi roads. This is a characteristic aftereffect of the expanding rate of criminal traffic offenses, which in a way is currently wild by the concerned expert. 


The traffic office can't delegate somebody to screen the conduct of every driver. They can't likewise introduce a Saher camera on ever meter of the street. 

It seems as though all the traffic mindfulness crusades that we came to be comfortable with since we were conceived were insufficient to change the conduct of our drivers. 

The Interior Ministry propelled the administration of detailing petty criminal offenses through pictures and recordings accessible to people in general through "Kolana Amn" (We Are All Security) application. This is a decent advance. The Interior Ministry's intelligent administration online is credited for some its accomplishments. Be that as it may, individuals should be spurred to utilize this administration and report traffic violators. 

I figure we ought to apply a reward framework for the individuals who report petty criminal offenses a similar way individuals who report defilement cases and business misrepresentation are compensated. A level of the infringement ticket ought to be granted to the individual who announced the infringement and it ought to be saved to his/her financial balance specifically. 

This reward will without a doubt help in diminishing the level of criminal traffic offenses prompting mishaps that kill a huge number of Saudis consistently. This will likewise propel residents to complete their social and national duty and turn him/her into a security officer without a uniform. This will likewise profit the jobless individuals and assurance them a decent pay. At last, it will help in constraining vehicle drivers to regard the transit regulation, which is the most critical thing. Likewise, the administration is going to profit by gathering traffic fines. 

Compensating the individuals who are detailing petty criminal offenses is critical on the grounds that it will help in accomplishing security out and about. Likewise it runs with the target of Vision 2030 to manufacture an energetic culture in a sheltered situation.