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Riyadh to host first Gulf women’s football tournament in March

Riyadh to host first Gulf women’s football tournament in March

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Without precedent for the Kingdom, the Saudi Federation for Community Sports is sorting out the primary Gulf ladies' football competition from March 1 to 6. 

A sum of 16 groups will partake in the knockout competition, titled "The Football Unites Us," at the Green Hall of Al-Khobar Sports City. 

A few ladies' football clubs from inside the Kingdom just as from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman will partake in the competition, which will be held under the support of Prince Saud Bin Naif, Emir of the Eastern Province. 

The Saudi clubs taking part in the competition incorporate Al-Shuala Al-Sharqiyah, Al-Yamamah, Lourdes, United Eagles, Royals, Jeddah Eagles, and Kings' Union. 


Addressing Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Sanaa Al-Ateeq, general chief of one of the organizations had practical experience in arranging presentations and traditions, said that the competition will commence with an official debut occasion, of which the significant feature will be a melodic execution by 50 youthful Saudi ladies, titled "I come here" and this will be arranged under the supervision of planner Hanouf Al-Duwaihi. 

The debut occasion will be trailed by two football matches. There will be four matches every day in the succeeding days. 

Aside from football, sport occasions, for example, tennis, b-ball and table tennis will be held at the scene notwithstanding melodic projects. 

Open air spaces will be made accessible for kids' amusements, solid games and sound dinners with the accessibility of nourishment courts, and these will be implied for ladies, yet in addition for their families, Al-Ateeq included. 

Lima Al-Enezy, a player of Al-Yamamah Club, said that her group is prepared to take an interest in the competition and will go after the title of heroes of the principal ladies' football competition at the Gulf level.