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Sandstorms hit Saudi Arabia; rain expected Today

Sandstorms hit Saudi Arabia; rain expected Today
Sandstorm hits Riyadh, enveloping the city skyline with dust. (AN photo)

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Dust storms covered various Saudi Arabian urban communities in a cover of residue on Thursday, including Riyadh, while downpour and tempests are normal on Friday in focal, eastern and southern pieces of the Kingdom. 

The General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection said in an explanation that "a virus wave in significant pieces of the Kingdom joined by fast breezes causing dust storms restricting flat perceivability" is normal on Friday. 

"Besides, blustery thunder mists are relied upon to be joined by dynamic breezes on the southern pieces of the Riyadh and the Eastern districts, just as in the good countries of Al-Baha, Asir, Jazan and Najran," it included. 


According to the figure, a thick cover of sand cleared through significant pieces of the Kingdom on Thursday, including Riyadh, Tabuk, Yanbu, Madinah, and beach front regions. The greatest temperature recorded amid the tempest was 31 degrees Celsius, and the base temperature was 15 degrees. The relative mugginess was pegged at 17 percent. 

In Riyadh, where a breeze speed of 25 km for each hour was recorded, the tempest was required to keep going for somewhere around eight hours, from early afternoon until 8 p.m. 

The street wellbeing expert and Saudi Highway Security forewarned drivers to drive moderate and cautiously in the influenced areas, as the tempests would diminish perceivability impressively on generally streets. 

The General Directorate of Civil Defense additionally prompted individuals to abstain from visiting open, sandy regions amid the tempests. Individuals with respiratory issues were encouraged to abstain from going outside by any means, if conceivable, as the climate could compound their conditions.