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Saudi 9-year-old ‘Snap star’ Dana Al Qahtani passes away

Saudi 9-year-old ‘Snap star’ Dana Al Qahtani passes away

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The demise of a Saudi young lady, Dana Al Qahtani (9 years of age), has caused a blending bitterness crosswise over internet based life in the district. She was a web-based social networking superstar, and as the updates on her inauspicious passing broke, #وفاه_دانه_القحطانيی turned into a web sensation on twitter. 

Dana had a Snapchat account that she imparted to her two sisters, Danh and Ghanati - where they recorded their everyday movement with their folks and at home. 


Al Qahtani's dad reported her demise on his internet based life account, saying she endured an abrupt heart assault and was taken to an adjacent medical clinic. Be that as it may, she didn't endure. 

Dana's last Snapchat video was only an hour prior to the dad posted this news on the web. That video reported a shopping trip with her dad and sister at the shopping center. In one of the recordings her dad is seen prodding her that she won't go with them to the shopping center, and saying that she will remain at home.