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Saudi Arabia awards first major wind project worth $500m

Saudi Arabia awards first major wind project worth $500m

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Saudi Arabia on Thursday granted an agreement to fabricate a $500 million breeze cultivate, a first for the world's best oil exporter as it pushes to broaden its vitality part. 

A consortium driven by France's EDF and Abu Dhabi's Masdar won the offered for the 400-megawatt Dumat Al-Jandal wind venture in the northern Al Jouf territory, Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources said. 

"The undertaking will be Saudi Arabia's first utility-scale wind cultivate," the service said. "This achievement speaks to another noteworthy advance... towards making an enhanced power division blend." 

The undertaking will produce capacity to supply up to 70,000 Saudi families, it included. 

Thursday's declaration comes multi day after the Kingdom said its enormous oil holds, as of now the second biggest on the planet behind just Venezuela, are significantly greater than recently thought. 


The service said demonstrated oil holds remained at 263.2 billion barrels toward the finish of a year ago, up from the figure of 261 billion barrels that has been utilized for very nearly three decades. 

Be that as it may, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States have been investigating approaches to cut their vitality charges and expand their capacity sources from oil. For all intents and purposes all of Saudi Arabia's capacity as of now originates from rough or refined oil and petroleum gas. 

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, representative head and priest of guard, a year ago uncovered plans to build up the globe's greatest sun based power venture in association with Japan's SoftBank gathering, which is assessed to cost $200 billion 

The notice of understanding looks to create up to 200 gigawatts of intensity by 2030 — around multiple times the limit of the current greatest undertakings.