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Saudi Arabia plans to implement road tolls by 2020

Saudi Arabia plans to implement road tolls by 2020

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Kingdom's minister of transport has confirmed the kingdom is studying plans to implement road tolls by 2020

Saudi Arabia's Minister of Transport Nabil Al-Amoudi is thinking about plans to introduce road tolls by 2020, reported ArabianBusiness.


Ministry is as of now considering a proposal to present road tolls in Riyadh, Minister of Transport Nabil Al-Amoudi said In an interview with Arabic daily Makkah newspaper.

The proposal is a part of a report as of now being set up about the privatization of transport project in Saudi Arabia, which recommends 6 roads in Riyadh could have tolls by beginning of 2020. Proposed road toll charge will be submitted to the high commissioner for approval after the study is finished, he added.

The meeting occurred on the sidelines of the launch of 9 road projects in the Eastern region valued at $400 million (SAR1.5bn). 

The new King Hamad Causeway (running parallel to King Fahd Causeway), which was put out for delicate as of late, is being considered under an open private investment display, with foreign investment additionally a probability. A full possibility report is required to be finished by the center of one year from now, Nabil Al-Amoudi  said.