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Saudi Arabia taking steps to deal with extreme weather conditions

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Saudis leave their vehicles in a flooded street following heavy rain in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah on December 30, 2010 (File Photo)

Saudi Arabia, represented by the General Authority of Meteorology and Environment Protection, is joining Arab countries on Sept. 15 to celebrate Arab Meteorological Day. The day is being observed under the theme “Meteorology and Protection of Lives and Properties.”

Ayman bin Salem Ghulam, deputy chairman of the authority, stressed the Kingdom’s concern to protect lives and properties from severe weather events. Over the past few years, the authority has introduced modern techniques, contributing to an accurate monitoring of weather events and risks.

Ghulam noted the Kingdom’s leading role in the field, at both regional and international levels. Home to eight regional and international centers working in the meteorology and climate field, Saudi Arabia also presides over the executive office and ministerial council for meteorology and climate affairs at the Arab League.

The Saudi authority has raised the coordination level by liaising directly with the relevant entities. 

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