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Saudi comedian dies in car crash

Saudi comedian Mohammed Bin Rafaah dies in car accident

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Saudi activists and social media users shared the death news of the Saudi comedian, Mohammed Bin Rafaah, who was confirmed dead on Sunday, October 7, 2018.

Especially because Al Rafea was posting on Snapchat just hours before his death

His last Snapchat post was shared by many

The news of Rafaah’s death, which was caused by a car accident in Ha’il, north of Saudi Arabia, was first announced by his brother, Abdulkhaliq Bin Rafaah, who tweeted: “Mohammed is gone” and followed it with another tweet, adding “May his [Mohammed’s] soul rest in peace.”

Activists expressed their shock over the death of Mohammed, who has shared some posts and stories on his social media accounts, just a few hours before:

Officials have not yet revealed the cause of the accident, but investigation is still undergoing.

Rafaah was a writer, composer and actor. He also took part in the sitcom show which was produced by Roya TV and broadcasted during Ramadan of last year, June 2018.

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