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Saudi farmer routinely visits patients in Majmaa hospital for 30 years

Saudi farmer routinely visits patients in Majmaa hospital for 30 years

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For as long as 30 years, Ali Ibrahim Al-Moussa, a basic Saudi  farmer, has been visiting patients at the Hawtat Sudair Hospital in the Saudi city of Al-Majmaah.

He keeps on doing as such right up 'til today, despite his old age.


Al-Moussa is known in the city for his strange and kind act, and has been praised at the doctor's facility and respected for demanding visiting patients to mind their wellbeing, stay with them, and appeal to God for them. 

Moussa's child, who drops his dad off at the healing center every day after he turned out to be excessively old, making it impossible to drive, stated: "The clinic's administration collaborates with my dad seeing that he cherishes to visit the debilitated. My dad has nothing to do with prescription; he is a straightforward agriculturist who plants palm trees and homesteads for his entire life." 

"He wants to visit the sick to do good, to the degree that he turned out to be extremely well known among the patients as he brings joy every day, stays with them, and relieves some their pain. He's constantly given them seek after mending and discloses to them accounts of how God recuperated numerous from different sicknesses," his child told Al-Arabiya English. 

The hospital gave Moussa an award, and gifts in acknowledgment of his drive to help patients in his very own extraordinary way.