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Top Greek musician Yanni returns to KSA for Tantora concert

Top Greek musician Yanni returns to KSA for Tantora concert

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Greek artist Yanni is coming back to Saudi Arabia for a show at the Winter at Tantora celebration, where he will perform to a sold-out group on Friday in the emotional surroundings of Al-Ula. 

He has a given following in the Kingdom, including in the nation's first-since forever live gigs with shows in Riyadh and Jeddah in Dec. 2017. 

The performer has been tweeting pictures from Al-Ula, which is 300 km north of Madinah city, including recordings of the show scene and his camp. 

He tweeted fans on Sunday, disclosing to them he would keep them refreshed about his outing and offer subtleties with them. 


He expressed gratitude toward Saudi fans for inviting him back to their nation and raved about the normal view. 

"The desert, the stars, the scene and the lit landmarks is something astonishing! It is the first run through in my life that I have encountered this kind of enormous excellence!" he tweeted. 

Winter at Tantora keeps running until Feb. 23. 

It has so far included Italian musical drama artist Andrea Bocelli and a virtual execution from the late Egyptian performer Umm Kulthum. 

Iraqi artists Ilham Al-Madfai and Kazem Al-Saher perform on Feb. 15. 

بكامل حلته، مازال #شتاء_طنطورة مستمرًا برفقتكم للأسبوع الثامن على التوالي، حافلاً بالجمال على أرض #العلا

— Winter At Tantora شتاء طنطورة (@WinterAtTantora) February 7, 2019

There are appears from Bahrain's Rashed Al-Majid and Iraqi craftsman Majed Al-Mohandes on Feb. 23, when there will likewise be a function to respect Kuwait's Abdul Karim Abdul Qader. 

The social celebration is the principal occasion of its sort to be held at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.