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Man keeps dead father at home for six months

Man keeps dead father at home for six months

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A man from the Indian state of Jharkhand kept the body of his dead father at home for six months as he didn’t want to “destroy his memories” by consigning his mortal remains to the flames.

The police have grabbed the breaking down body from his home and sent it for an after death. 

According to reports, 75-year-old Vishwnath Prasad, from Indira Colony in Giridih region, passed on from a drawn out disease in May. His family said he had been experiencing looseness of the bowels. 

Not long after his passing, be that as it may, his child, Prashant Kumar Sinha, took his dad's body home and shrouded it in a room without telling his neighbors about his death. 

At whatever point anybody asked about his whereabouts, he would disclose to them he had gone off on visit. 

The episode became visible this end of the week when some young men, who were being guided by Sinha's sister, griped of a foul smell in Sinha's home. 

At first, Sinha had a go at rationalizing, however the youngsters distrubed by the stench attempted to take off. 

In an attack of anger, he started striking the youngsters. At the point when his mom and sister endeavored to mediate, he started to attack them. 

Hearing their cries, the  villagers raced into their home and found the decaying body. Witnesses said the villagers were stunned to the see the carcass in the room and find many lit incense sticks to veil the smell. 

Accordingly, they educated the police who arrested the body and sent it for a dissection. 

At the point when interrogated regarding his activities, Sinha told officers that he adored his dad a lot to incinerate his body. The police let the man off after beginning cross examination. 

"Had I incinerated his body, every one of his recollections would have been devastated without a moment's delay. So I had kept his body at home for a half year yet the police [forcibly] removed it,"  he told the media on Sunday. 

He said he was utilizing synthetic compounds and squares of ice to safeguard the body. "Obviously it got decayed because of warmth as my dad had kicked the bucket at the pinnacle of summer," he uncovered. 

Villagers say the young fellow was attempting to restore his dad with dark enchantment. 

In a comparative episode, the Kolkata police had in April this year captured a young fellow who had kept his mom's body in a business cooler for a long time with the end goal to profit by her benefits. As indicated by the police, her mom had resigned from the Food Corporation of India and was getting a weighty annuity and after she kicked the bucket, her designer child kept her body in the cooler to guarantee the that benefits would even now be desposited in her back record. 

As indicated by the police, the denounced was utilizing her plastic to pull back money from the record. Amid the yearly confirmation to demonstrate that the beneficiary was alive, the man would utilize his dead mother's thumb impression to hoodwink experts. He would tell bank authorities that she is excessively powerless, making it impossible to go to the bank or sign thus they would need to depend on the thumb print, media reports have said.