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Pakistan PM to meet Trump for talks on improving ties

Pakistan PM to meet Trump for talks on improving ties

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet US President Donald Trump in Washington in the not so distant future, its outside office said on Thursday, a visit that could ease strains between the two nations. 

Trump toward the end of last year blamed Pakistan for not doing "a damn thing" for the United States regardless of billions of dollars in help, infuriating Islamabad which has for some time been inconsistent with Washington over the war in Afghanistan. 

By February, Trump said the United States had built up a "vastly improved" relationship and may set up certain gatherings with Pakistan. 

Khan acknowledged a challenge to visit Washington and will meet Trump on July 22, the outside office said in an announcement. 

"The center will be to invigorate the two-sided relationship," it said. 


Pakistan and the United States are formally partners in battling psychological warfare yet they have a confused relationship. 

Washington relies upon Pakistan to supply its powers in neighboring Afghanistan, where 14,000 US troops are sent, yet ties are stressed by claims that Pakistan offers places of refuge to the Afghan Taliban, which Islamabad denies. 

Pakistan has played an off camera job in supporting US harmony chats with the Afghan Taliban, including encouraging travel to exchanges, and is a key player in Washington's arrangements to end its longest war. 

Not long ago the United States served to deescalate a contention among India and Pakistan that took steps to winding crazy when their warplanes occupied with a dogfight over the contested Kashmir locale.