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US war against Iran would not last very long: Trump

US war against Iran would not last very long: Trump

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US President Donald Trump aforementioned Wed he hopes the U.S.A. doesn't head to war with Iran however if it did, America's use of force would be overwhelming.

In AN interview on Fox news, Trump was asked if America goes to travel to war with Iran.

"Well, I hope we do not however we're in an exceedingly} very sturdy position if one thing ought to happen. We're in an exceedingly} very sturdy position. It would not last terribly long, I will tell you that. and i am not talking boots on the bottom," Trump aforementioned amid acute tensions between the 2 countries.


In the current crisis with Iran, exacerbated by its landscape gardener of AN unmanned U.S.A. spy drone last week, Trump has at turns measured robust or conciliatory -- talking up U.S.A. military would possibly and spoken communication all choices square measure on the table, or giving Teheran talks on renegotiating the multi-party nuclear deal that Trump withdrew from last year.

The comments come back simply days once Trump off air strikes minutes before impact, with allies warning that the rise in tensions since the us force out of a nuclear written agreement with Iran last year may accidentally causewar.

Iran steered it had been only 1 day from breaching a threshold within the agreement that restricted its stockpile of metal stocks, a move that will place pressure on European countries that have tried to stay neutral to select sides.

The rhetoric between the edges has hot, with Trump in the week threatening "obliteration" of Iran once Iranian President Hassan Rohani on weekday aforementioned the White House's actions were "mentally feebleminded."

"I do not suppose their leadership is sensible," Trump told Fox Business Network on Wed.

"Iran goes down the tubes," he added, citing biting U.S.A. sanctions also as unrest within the country and different economic pressures.