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The History and Evolution of Abaya in Saudi Arabia

3 years   ago 1961

Every woman wears Abaya now: Now every woman, be it a Saudi or non-Saudi wear abaya when they are in the Kingdom. Some Arab merchants brought back Abayas from Syria and Iraq.   T

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4 unknown facts about Masjid al-Khayf in Mina, Makkah

3 years   ago 1506

Masjid Al-Khayf is one of the mosques that have the best Islamic history. The perfectly organized mosque is found southern Mina in close estimation to the littlest Jamarat. The mosque rests at the base of a mountain. Here are some lesser known

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Saudi Rulers

Haj Ministry dedicates link for Qatari pilgrims requests

3 years   ago 643

The Ministry of Haj and Umrah has concluded arrangements for the arrival of about two million pilgrims from all over the world for the 1439H Haj season, in accordance with the directives of the Saudi leadership, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on

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Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince

3 years   ago 844
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List of iqama professions eligible for family visas in

2 years   ago 2129

Here is the list of Eligible professions (resident id or iqama) for Saudi Arabia's either it is visit or permanent. Accounts : 1. Accountant  2. Accounts Manager  3. Accounts Verifier  4. Auditor   Administration : 1.

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Know the Vibrant Culture of Saudi Arabia

2 years   ago 878

Saudi Arabia has been for many years, a difficult country to visit. However, in efforts to open up the country to foreign visitors, the Kingdom will introduce an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia. Currently, onl

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Interesting Facts

Secret Behind the Coolness of Haram Mosque Floor Under the

2 years   ago 1048

Ever wondered the purpose behind the coolness under your feet at the Grand Mosque and around holy Kaaba?  What is that keeps the floor cool notwithstanding amid taking off temperatures?  The explanation behind this are not any

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