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Zara Spa – Dead Sea Wins the World Luxury Spa Award

2 months   ago 121

Mövenpick Resort Dead Sea has announced the winning of Zara Spa with two prestigious awards in the categories "Luxury Resort Spa" and "Luxury Hammam Experience in the Middle East & North Africa" ​​by the World Luxury

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How to cope with pregnancy nausea and morning sickness

6 days   ago 45

Morning sickness or nausea, sometimes accompanied with vomiting, is caused by pregnancy hormones during the first trimester of pregnancy, and sometimes begins as early as two weeks after conception. Some women find that nausea and vomiting are worst

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Henna For Hair Growth

1 month ago 79
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Archaeology in Saudi Arabia is at its peak: Russian museum

5 days   ago 70

Archaeology in Saudi Arabia has seen an unprecedented number of discoveries and findings in recent years. With over 44 Saudi and international missions working in the Kingdom this year alone, Russia’s State Hermitage Museum director, Mikhail

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Fantastic Facts

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a

3 weeks   ago 54

Saudi Arabia is the 13th-largest country in the world, and the second-largest in the Arab world — behind Algeria —  at 830,000 square miles. Ninety-five percent of thof the country is considered a desert or semidesert, and

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20 Interesting Saudi Arabia Facts

3 months   ago 167
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Amazon and Google Announce Official YouTube Apps to Launch

6 months   ago 321

Amazon and Google announced that in the coming months, the two companies will launch the official YouTube app on Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, as well as the Prime Video app for streaming to Chromecast and Chromecast built-in

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Apple Pay launched in Saudi Arabia

8 months   ago 402
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10 Best Shawarma Places In Saudi

1 week ago 63

Shawarma is one of the most famous dishes and preferred by many people in many countries, especially in Arabic countries. If you are one of the shawarma lovers, you will be happy to know that we made the search for you. All you have to do is

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21 fashion bloggers you need to follow ASAP

2 weeks   ago 44

Did you know that every 0.25 of a second, a fashion blog is launched somewhere in the world? Well, not strictly true (actually, it probably is – we just don’t have the scientific evidence). But it seems like it, non? And don’t get

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Oil prices stabilize as Saudi crown prince talks peace

3 weeks   ago 97

JEDDAH: Oil prices stabilized on Monday after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman called for diplomatic solutions to the crisis with Iran and the war in Yemen. Armed conflict with Iran would be catastrophic for global growth, the crown prince

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